The Purpose Hotel is the brick and mortar answer to Airbnb.
— Anonymous Leading Hotel Industry Executive
I think it’s revolutionary, and a down right game changer when it comes to the merging of philanthropy, lifestyle and business.
— Jordan G.
As Rumi said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” And I have a feeling that’s what The Purpose Hotel is going to feel like: home.
— Niki S.
I wept, hearing about this. I am so glad that you are moving forward with The Purpose Hotel, the world needs this. I think humanity needs this.
— Adam H.
I can’t wait to see this hotel I’ve imagined in my head come to life. It’s freaking brilliant.
— Jessica H.
I have 4 kids and live in Kentucky with my husband of 12 years. We’re the kind of people who would seriously consider moving to Nashville for this.
— Jamie P.
A win for all humans.
— Phil M.
I want to live and breathe The Purpose Hotel everyday. It’s just what the world needs right now.
— Tracy H.
I truly believe that helping with this endeavor would be one of the greatest things I can do in my life.
— Athea H.
The world needs this now more than ever.
— Steve B.